slc punk and my brush with subconscious

last night i watched slc punk.
and i don't know why, exactly. because in this day and age of true on-demand viewing via the internet, it's not like it just came on the tv and i watched it for lack of anything better to watch. i found it, and chose it. and i didn't know why. but then i noticed steve-o, one of the characters, wearing a blue pompom toque. i have a blue pompom toque, and i wear it often. i was wearing it last weekend at a party. and i was drunk, so i don't remember every conversation. but then i started wondering if maybe someone commented on my hat, possibly in reference to steve-o, or slc punk. could that be why i found slc punk, and chose slc punk? oh, the subconscious is a warm and twisted place.

"There's nothing going on. That's what I saw when I looked out over the city: nothing. How the Mormon settlers looked upon this valley and felt that it was the promised land is beyond me. I don't know, maybe it looked different back then."

And maybe it didn't.

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