two things i love: korea and anthony bourdain.
if i would trust anyone to show korea the way i would hope to show korea, it's this guy (and in this case, his friend nari too, of course). i'm so happy i came across these videos. i can't wait to get back.

in this video they visit the noryangjin fish market - seoul's largest. i will live a few subway stops away from here when i go back!

k, the 3+ minutes of tae kwon do i could have done without - but it's cute. here, finally, an in-depth explanation of the one, the only, kimchi.

i'm hungry!!

a good dose of history.

soju, chicken feet (and ass, or "house of poo"), and noraebang - naturally.

"my brain feels like it's been penetrated by an angry, break-dancing ferret"

saunas and bbq! and more soju, family, and food.

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