shortest long weekend of all time

one day.

that's what we get.

thankfully next week we're back to working just monday to friday, and saturday we've got plans to jazz it up with nouvelle vague at the seoul jazz festival.

but at least it's nearly lunchtime saturday, and the day's got a nice t.g.i.-feel to it under the circumstances.

this week has been trying, but i know - who wants to read about that. so as much as i feel the need to expel the gusts and storm clouds that are plaguing my insides at the moment, i'll dig for something more noteworthy...

i haven't really been keeping up with the "student of the week" idea i introduced a while ago, so a few updates are in order.

last week, the undisputed star was a boy named Duke.
that's him in blue. the first two days he wore everyday clothes, but once he was cast as david beckham in our drama "Harry Potter and Cinderella", he busted out the tracksuits daily. it was adorable. he even wore cleats as his "outdoor" shoes the day of the performance! talk about getting into character.

we saw his dad pick him up at the end of the last day, and were later pleasantly surprised to hear he was on the field with the Suwon Bluewings as one of their little pregame buddies. and i say hear and not see because, though we were at the game, i happened to be off getting a beer when the little tykes ran out.

this week, team one's English abilities might have been the most minimal i've seen. that didn't keep some of them from being the sweetest things ever though. it's a tough call, but my vote goes to jerry for student of the week May 13-17.
i'm going to go ahead and say that i don't think this picture does either of us justice, but it's the only one i've got. i look...scary, and he looks like he's on something. which is so wrong because he's eleven and so cute. any time we were in the theater he'd fold himself up in this broken chair.

he was the most helpful of the bunch (granted, team leader David's English was the best, but he got bored and ended up reading during most of our classes), and he never fought - which was a challenge for team oners this week, boys and girls.

k, this is boring. i started it saturday and it's now monday (again) so we've got a new gaggle of kids, and thus there'll be a new team one to slowly push out my memories of the last...
i could just scrap this, but i think i'll hit publish just for the sake of getting something (anything) semi-recent up.

and last but not least...
i couldn't possibly forget this face, but if ever i start to...Mong, the bruised little monkey. Not to be confused with the MC.

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