the best things in life are flea.

Sunday Collin and I went to the Hope Market in Hongdae Park.
That's the poster above.

Friday everyone was asking:
"So, Pip, you're not going camping, what will you do this weekend?"
To which I replied, numerous times:
"Oh, well there's this 'Free Market' in Hongdae by the University, I might go check that out."
No one corrected me, but it occured to me - later - that maybe this market I'd been reading about on the internet was in fact a Flea Market, and not a Free Market.

Anyway, in the end I learned it's actually called the Hope Market.

There was lots of nice stuff there.

...some clothes, books and cards. From what I hear, Hongik University has a really good fine arts program, so it's not surprising Hongdae is the colourful, hip little neighbourhood it is. Art, music, fashion...all that good stuff goes hand-in-hand.

I bought this hand-bound notebook:

And had an "interactive portrait" done:

I've never seen this idea before. There were two guys working together. One was doing more traditional caricatures, while the other did more colourful, cartoonish portraits. Before he began, I filled out a quick survey of things I like and things I hate (why is it so hard to come up with these things when you need to?), and he incorporated that into the drawing. When he was finished, he asked me to draw a small picture of him. It was really fun.

The finished product:

My sister was asking what bars are like here. You can find lots of "Western" bars, that are pretty much just like home - although rather than getting pub food, you'd be served fruit plates and dried fish with your beer.
But she said she imagined "crazy karaoke" places, and yes, karaoke - or noraebang - is a favourite pass time here. The noraebang we frequent is called the Alien. Or at least that's what we call it. Here's one worth seeing in Hongdae. I guess the teachers partied here before I arrived, and I hear it's rather expensive, but they give you free ice cream.

Behold, the Luxury Noraebang

Looks just like a doll house. And it was pretty busy for a Sunday afternoon. These girls were so cute, singing and waving to us on the street.

Whoa. That was almost like an actual post.

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Anonymous said...

hi pip so did u think it was a free market just b/c of the way they say flea over there? and another thing,...that dollhouse place is kinda creepy,....i like it tho, did u go?
~bec -xo-