politically incor...delicious.

I've decided that I should do one post a week about food. Granted, most of my posts will include food anyway, but I will dedicate one post a week absolutely and completely to Korean culinary delights.

First up is something a tad controversial; as far as frozen foods go, it really pushes the envelope.

It's the Lotte Black Crunch Bar, which the SWEV teachers (Team 9) affectionately refer to as Racist Ice Cream.


Meet Black Boy and Black Girl.

On the package it says:
Now there's a crunch bar for every craving.
Check it out everywhere.

And all I have to say is:

Here's a commercial, featuring Racist and the rest of the Lotte frozen confection family.

Does it make you want ice cream?


qatalust said...

that is the weirdest commercial i've ever seen.
what is she saying?? do you know at all? it looks like she has a racist icecream up her butt.

pws said...

she's says "it's delicious"...or something along those lines.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha no this does not make me want icecream esp the kind with rasins in it,...yuck, show me the chocolate chips!! :O)