aaaand we're back.

okay, so the lovely ladies at qatalust.blogspot.com passed along a a little exercise for me to complete (about 3 weeks ago) and i feel obliged/excited to do so. the task's roused me into action and i'm thinking the blog might be worth salvaging - and what better way to get back on the wagon than with a longer than long post inspired by friends.
thus, without further ado...

Six Things

Last weekend I ate pig's feet. This nice lady was giving out samples, and it looked like pork, or duck, so I thought, yes please. My Korean/American friend decided to wait until it was in my mouth to tell me it was hoof. My face started going red, as I smiled at the sample lady and continued to chew. They said something to eachother. "She wants to know what you think," my friend translated. "Mmmm...it's good," I replied, still chewing. "Good, cuz she wants you to have more." She loaded up another toothpick and I took it and yes, I ate it. Every last cartilaginous, gristly morsel.

strike a pose.

I watch Korean TV and buy Korean magazines. I think part of me hopes that one day I'll wake up and magically be able to speak the language.

I've taken a liking to K-Pop - really sugary Korean pop music that often has some English in it here and there, and is performed by throngs of reed-like, too-cute-for-their-own-good teenage girls, or gangs of reed-like, perfectly dressed teenage boys with what we call "fashion hair".

The following is pretty much a cultural phenomenon here. Have a look and learn the "Tell Me" dance straight from the Wondergirls themselves.

Or maybe this is more your style. I've added what I like to call the "rock rock roll" and "skip skip pop" moves to my own repertoire - and you can too! (if you can tell which is which from what.)

4. I'm starting to get used to the idea of not flushing toilet paper. Is that interesting, or just gross? Not that it's re-used or anything, I just guess a lot of the plumbing is prehistoric here in the ROK. Thankfully the poor ladies who clean our school are on the ball and keep the waste bins empty as best they can.

This is a house. Shaped like a toilet. It's real. Apparently it's in our city, and yes, don't worry, the search is on.

5.Things I miss (not including people): music. tv. my bed. my pets. driving. ontario in general. bathtubs. couches. houses. clothes dryers. turkey.

6.How about some school things - just cuz that's all I can think of at the moment, because I'm at school.

Favourite student this week: Pinky. She makes my day. She gets really close to you, like she has something important to tell you, but she doesn't really look at you when she's speaking, so it's almost like she's talking to herself. I'm pretty sure she's talking about her socks or the weather, in Korean--and she has this kind of nervous chuckle that fills in the blanks. She gave me a rock, and I gave her half of a broken heart sticker. It was sad to say goodbye.

Favourite class to teach:
At the moment, Basketball. The weather's perfect for it already! (Sorry knee-deep in snow Canadians) It's so much fun to play with the kids and make them run laps..muwaaahaha. Other favourites include: Animation and Supermarket - although I feel like Post Office is my bread and butter.
Favourite thing to be during the Red Nose Week Hypnotism Show:

Favourite KBS Cafeteria Lunch Item:
Chicken cutlet, ddeokbokki, chamchi (tuna) kimbap

(note: the above picture is most definitely not KBS brand kimbab.)

Best Villagey "English Names":
Partytiger, Squid, You Die, Show Me The Money, Choice, Banana, Davit, Pinky...too many I can't remember. (This might need some explanation: On Monday mornings, if the kids don't have an English name, they choose one...and sometimes we help them :P)

Right, so that's it.
I have a computer now, and internet's in the works. Compiling this list has made me realize that maybe this stuff is worth writing down...maybe it's interesting...and if nothing else, it's fun for me to remember.
game on.


qatalust said...

Yes. love it.

happy writing ;)


qatalust said...

this is hilarious pip.

i love the picture of you dead.
what is that all about?