.the wait.

We're looking at under 3 weeks to go here.
It's just kind of dawned on me that 3 weeks is not a very long time - especially considering all I have to do. I'm waiting on the school to send my E2 Visa number so that I can go to the consulate (or send the documents, I haven't decided which yet) and actually get the Visa. Then we book the flight.

In the meantime I have to:

1. Figure out vaccinations and all that medical stuff. Apparently you're supposed to do this 6-8 weeks before you plan to depart. Oops.

2. Sell my car. (This is stressing me out big time.)

3. Find a home for my cat. (This is also stressing me out big time.)

4. Buy a whole lot of stuff (with not really a whole lot of money.)


I am still really excited though.
I'll write again when the flight's set, how about that.

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