.the dilemma.

So here's the problem.

I've worked out two offers for myself. Choice - great! But choice, hard.

They pay about the same, and the contracts and benefits are similar. The big difference is that one is at a non-traditional school in Suwon where English is taught through role play and real-life situations, and the other is a more traditional classroom type job in Bundang.

If I take the first, I will be living and working with 8 or 9 other foreign teachers, and would leave mid-October. If I take the second, I will be working with only one other foreign teacher, and would leave at the end of September (ie: in 3 weeks.)

So I have some things to consider, and quickly:

Would I prefer to be in Suwon or Bundang?
Both are about equal distance from Seoul; Suwon is bigger, but Bundang is apparently nice, clean and a wealthier suburb. Also, I've been assured that the apartment for me in Bundang is very nice.

Would I prefer to work and live with 8 other English-speaking teachers, or one?
The answer to this one changes often, surprisingly. But more would definitely make things easier.

Would I prefer a formal teaching job - "business casual" dress, tests to mark and report cards to make up - or a high-energy, interactive teaching job where I can dress how I choose but will likely have to make a fool of myself on a regular basis?
The answer to this one changes often as well.

Do I want to leave in 3 weeks or 6 weeks?
I want to get there, but maybe a few extra weeks to prepare would be good...

Either way I'll have to decide in the next 24 hours or so...


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