Why, hello 2011.

i hate new year resolutions.
i think if you want to change something, you should do it when you think of changing that something - not say, i'll keep doing this something i know i shouldn't be doing for the next few days, months, hours...and then i'll stop.
that said, i guess i can understand why people make them.
people are sad.
i'm sad too.
not sad like, depressed or down. but sad, like, pathetic. kind of.
people are amazing sometimes too.
and i'm sure there are people out there who are never sad, pathetic.
maybe not.
if there are, i'm pretty sure i wouldn't like them.
and if you know me, you'd know i like practically everyone.
maybe because i'm the saddest of them all.
kidding, i'm not.
i have my moments.
and now, to look like a massive hypocrite - my resolution for 2011.
i'm going to return to capitalization.
not because i want to, but because i feel it is right.
and also because i feel lowercase has become a faddy gimmicktrend.
so then, startinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg......

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