guinea piglet prospect

well, it's a foggy ol' november afternoon, and i'm enjoying some coffee and donut holes while trying to get into a few projects. school is at the forefront right now, of course, but the issue of money has already started creeping up...and we're not even into second semester yet. so a few side projects are on my mind as well.

for example, i just replied to an email about information i requested from a place that does clinical trials.

a bit of back-story: i live right near humber lakeshore. i moved here straight from seoul, korea. obviously i would have rather lived downtown, but school was top priority, so it made sense that i live as close as possible. and it's fine - great for school. but there's nothing in terms of part time work nearby, that i would feel fine getting minimum wage for. dad's always told me not to be too proud, but at this point in my life, i'd rather not spend my one free day a week unpacking pantyliners from thailand onto a dusty shelf at bi-way. (lakeshore blvd west west is home to the last bi-way known to humankind apparently.)

so essentially, i'd like to work without working. i could trek downtown, but again, is spending hours commuting any better than stacking cans of CO-OP brand chicken sauce? maybe you're not sure, so i'll tell you - the answer is no, not really.

back to the clinical trials.
my first-level thinking was - k, why doesn't every student do this!? not even just students - this could probably almost pass as a legit full-time job. especially when you see that some of these trials pay two grand for 3 days of your time - half (or all, if you want) of which could be spent sleeping. not to mention the truly weird experience you're practically promised.

of course i have a lot of questions. i'm not about to grow an ear on my back so that all us ladies can have yet another pharmaceutical birth control option. but if i'm guaranteed a relative amount of safety, it might be worth it if it means not having to stress about a month's rent, food, and beer down the road.

okay, so that's one of my current extra-curricular endeavors. we'll see how that goes.

the second, is a bit less.........well, something you'd feel okay writing home about.

humber student federation has had posters up for a while, asking for submissions for art to be displayed in the HSF office. the theme: community and/or environmental sustainability. i always have some sort of art/crafty project on the go, and every now and then i find myself wishing i took it all a bit more seriously. the prospect of winning a thousand bucks is exactly what i needed i guess. so i have a few ideas, and spent a while lastnight coming up with some rough sketches for the 4'x6' multimedia piece.

here's a hint

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