(w)here is home(?)

since i was young(er), i've wondered how, exactly, people decide where they want to live. it never seemed to me that it was something that just...happened - because of a job, person, whathaveyou.

surely - i thought - home, and where home would be, was one of a person's most important and liberating life choices.

from my naive perspective, anyone could live anywhere.

so it seemed to me that home was not only an important and liberating choice - but an incredibly daunting choice as well.

the world!

the world is so big.

each place, each potential home, so different.

what if there was this little town, this little village somewhere in __________ that was the absolute, most perfect home for you.
how does one ever know that they're in the right place?
do we just settle at some point, and cease to question location?
do we have to stop questioning so as not to go mad?
....is it even important at all?

i've kind of started a mental list of sorts. places i want to go. i really can't tell you how places end up on the list. sweden is the best example. why? people ask. i'm hoping i'll be able to tell you once i've been, and seen, and done. i think it will become clear. whatever it is. and portland, oregon. that might be due to music. elliot smith. ...? not sure. again, maybe once i've been.

explore ( ) v. , -plored , -ploring , -plores . v.tr. To investigate systematically; examine: explore every possibility.

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/mc said...

where is ho(me)? do we even think of homes in the way we once did? I mean, the world is vast, but infinitely smaller than it once was. and it seems like fewer and fewer spaces have the sense of place that make them remarkable (which, i guess, make us more able to notice the ones that do).

can a place choose us? are we courted by its ghosts? how can we belong somewhere we didn't come from?

digression from an interesting and timely subject:

"whathaveyou" - thank you for using it. thought i was alone.