wild thing, i think i love you.

but i wanna know for sure.

(will have to wait till october 16th i guess.)

i hate the hype.
but you can't deny that this film looks absolutely
beautiful -
the trailer alone does something funny to my heart
and makes the hair on my arms stand up straight.

i'm speaking strictly in terms of cinematography.
(having only seen the trailer, mind you.)
so shoot me. i don't actually remember the story.
but by the looks of it,
it's a perfect amalgamation of
nature and imagination;
the most real of the real - soil and snow and sunset,
alongside the otherwise unbelievable...

...not to mention a sad boy in a crown and tail.

Dear Wild Thing,
Bet you never knew you moved The Troggs......???

The singer might wanna see somebody about that spaghetti neck.

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