i love theque

...biblio...disco....but most of all, la blogo.
i've posted about them before, but they're worth another mention.
they do these things called concert a emporter, or 'take away shows'.
some are amazing. some, not so much. but if you've got the time...well, you can try your luck with some person called scout niblett, for instance. (this is a testimony to how much i have enjoyed some of the stuff i've found on la blogotheque - and therefore trust in their judgement.)
i hate the word niblett. which might be funny, because i like corn. i like corn a lot. but when i saw the name scout niblett, well, it basically screamed: STAY AWAY! to me. but, it was on la blogotheque. so i thought about it. i literally spent 2 and a half solid minutes weighing the pros and cons of clicking this niblett link. what it came down to: it's on blogotheque, so who knows - it might change my life.
it didn't.
so beware of nibletts, but enjoy the rest.
like, maybe, this:

or, the very first of the first:


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