spaceships and dragons and babies, oh my

south korea was supposed to launch their first ever space shuttle - the Naro - yesterday, but had to cancel because of a technical difficulty of some sort.

they'll try again later.

in other news, infamous k-popper G-dragon launched his first solo album yesterday, which also happened to be his 22nd birthday (i feel ancient.) there's proving to be some controversy over the track "heartbreaker" - also the name of the album - because apparently it sounds a lot like Flo Rida's "right round". i had a listen. the similarity, if there is one, is miniscule - in my opinion. leave the dragon alone. unless you're going to give him styling advice....not sure how i feel about his new look.

atta boy. keep the drag in dragon.
not to worry though - he seems to have a new look biweekly. just as this one begins to grow on me, he'll be decked out in some other theme.
as for the album - i just had a quick listen, but i don't really get the point of doing a solo album when you collaborate on every song anyway. i guess it had to be done if he wanted more control than he gets with big bang.....hmm....maybe a TOP duet would have changed my mind.

and finally - the babies.
have a listen.

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/mc said...

misplaced feelings of envy for youth culture.

Youth culture isn't real culture. You're okay. Trust me, it happens in NorthAm too.