and i don't mean bone thugs, or britney. i might call it quarter-life crisis territory if i hadn't used that one last year...and the year before...and the year before that.
when is "quarter life" anyway? 25 seems like a nice clean quarter, one fourth of a hundred - but i'm not trying to kid myself into believing i'll live that long. i sure hope not anyway. unless i'm one of those crazy energetic hundred year-olds who still gets around fine, has control of their bladder, and does tai chi...
but i guess actual quarter life is more around the 18 year mark, right? don't they say 72 is the average life...span? 18. wow. and that would make 36 mid-life.
maybe i'll just start looking at sports cars now...
anyway, i'm not in too much of a crisis, just at a point where some pretty weighty decisions have to be made. and i don't think i'm alone. those with me in this mid-to-late 20s boat (who aren't professionals, or engaged, or married, or a parent, or a homeowner - and maybe some who are one or all of the above) will know what i'm talking about when i say it feels like we've just tipped over the time-to-get-serious waterfall.
so what do we do?
buckle down and steady ourselves for the plunge?
jump ship and freefall and hope for the best?
i'm not sure there's a right way to be doing things at the moment...
it's paralyzing
or liberating...
depending on the day.

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