greatest man that ever lived.

last night we went to Thailand Restaurant in Songtan (known for the US air base - interesting area) for Shanda's birthday dinner. Thailand is owned by a woman who might be the kindest, most peaceful lady I have ever met. she enters the room and it's like you breathe differently. she's always smiling, always warm, always giving small gifts. she loves Collin and is always very good to us when we're there, and because it was Shanda's birthday, and because she knew Collin's leaving, she treated us especially well (ie: complimentary spring rolls, a specially prepared SPICY dish - "It's very spicy," she said, carrying it over to the table, "very spicy, let's celebrate," and bananas in warm coconut milk - a simple dessert that could honestly and truly save the world.

on our way back to the subway station we came across the dirtiest old office recliner on the side of the road. sitting pretty on its ripped vinyl seat was a dozen pairs of old sunglasses. i carried a handful home, disinfected them, and took some pics.


Cassie said...

i love you and am more and more envious of you with every passing moment.

i hope you are saving a pair of spectacles for me, so i can spread this story when people ask where i found those amazing glasses.

cannot wait to see you, swan.


clean said...


i bookmarked this shit.
better make it good...
(but no pressure)


roscoe said...

Those shades are awesome.