i know, i know...

enough with the videos already.

it's just been...easy. and i've had an especially soft spot for rilo kiley the last little while.

there's not a whole lot going on around here. we started summer camp this week, and it's been interesting trying to adjust to mid-week days off and no weekend, and late mornings, then regular mornings.

but the program is fun - for the most part. we're making instruments for music class, baking soda/vinegar rockets for science, and worms and dirt for cooking. lastnight we put on a haunted house and really scared some kids. i'd say 43% of them ended up in tears.


i have a tattoo appointment next tuesday. so there will be more to post about after that. plus pictures.

okay, because i can't help myself...
more videos. but at least these are (a bit) more relevant to what this blog is (sort of) supposed to be about. (ie: they're korean)

The first, U Go Girl by Lee Hyo Ri

She was "it" back in the day - part of a girl group, but also kind of an outcast I believe, because she's a bit of a bad girl. She's making quite the comeback though, on tv and in music.
There's a lot going on in this video. It's nothing if not entertaining. I especially like the in-depth phone conversation she has with her male friend, Nassun.

Nassun: Hey Shorty
Hyo Ri: What's up
Nassun: What you been doing?
Hyo Ri: Why?
Nassun: Let's roll baby.
Hyo Ri: Ok.

why she would agree to roll with a guy who answers NONE of her questions is beyond me. anyway, I guess I can't nit-pick since the rest of this epic video is completely logical and life-changingly profound.

and here's a commercial i enjoy for black bean thera (thinifying) tea...
"chicken pizza cake burger - are you ok? gym then sofa gym then sofa - are you ok?"
(it doesn't really say that, but that's what i hear.)

Next, D.I.S.C.O. by Um Jung Hwa
Apparently she's in her 40s. I always say things like, "I hope I look this good when I'm 40," but the truth is I didn't look this good at 16. Quick, what's cougar in Korean?

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