so for anyone who looks at this sorry excuse for a blog (which i guess would mean you - thanks by the way), consider today your lucky day.

my lunch of 참지 김밥 and espressofied caramel macchiato was made even more delicious when fellow teacher lee drew my attention to the following: www.muxtape.com
if you like sifting through new (*to you) music, this is a treasure trove. and if you're a music snob - aficionado, "professional appreciator" - this is the perfect place to put your music where your mouth is.

today is memorial day in korea. there was a service in the park by my apartment this morning, and i laid in bed and listened to the bugle while deciding whether or not to shower.

if this seems a bit disrespectful, believe me, i know.
i plan on making up for it by hitting the books and writing an ode to korean history for my next qatalyst installment.

and i didn't. (shower). in case you're wondering.

today's food for thought: korean kids and oreos.

a student gave me an oreo yesterday, and i ate mine while she ate hers, and we used the same technique - top layer cookie removal + icing scrape.
was that worth writing about? maybe not. but it was a nice moment.

happy weekend.


qatalust said...

i love your blog.

you make me happy.

i didnt shower today either. my hair dresser said if i wash my hair in the next few days it will break off.

the good news is, im blonde again.


qatalust said...

i love your blog.
it makes me happy.

i didn't shower today either. my hairdresser said if i was my hair at all it will break off.

i'm blonde again.