pinky correspondence

Hello Pip.
I'm Pinky. Thank you for the sign. I like and love Pip and I like rose. This rose smells sweet. It's a sunny day. I like swimming. Do you like swimming? I'm from Korian. Do you from Kanada? I like Kanada. Can you skate? My brother is short we shop at the supermarket. And I like drama teacher is Pip. I have a heart. You have too heart. I will tell you a secret. This is like pip, chic cherry, okay? We swim on Saturdays. I like salad very much. And I like Pip very much. Science is interesting.
Lincoln is a respectable person.
Do you remember my name?
Can I ask you a question?
Do you like me? I am proud of Pip teacher. See you later.

To: my Pip
From: you Pinky

Too cute.

Before I forget, best Team 1 name this week: Clive.
There he is!


Anonymous said...

aww this is so cute, you are doing a great job over there pip :O)

Anonymous said...

oh that's from beckie btw

qatalust said...

i love pip teacher