one week already?

So it's Friday. I arrived one week ago and I'm finding that very hard to believe. In the blogs I read before coming, and from other peoples' accounts of their time in Korea, I heard very little about how difficult the first little while can be. Perhaps it's not difficult for many, but I'll be honest - though I have had fun this past week, and it's all been very exciting, it hasn't been the easiest seven days. I've had no regrets, but I have definitely questioned myself, and this decision. After weeks of packing and planning from the comfort (and boredom) of home, feeling brace and ready for an adventure, finally finding myself in this completely new world was a huge reality check.
But as the jetlag wears off I am feeling more like myself and that's making the hugest difference. Starting to work has also made a difference, as it has helped remind me of (part of the reason) why I'm here. And being around kids definitely keeps you light and in the moment.
Food-wise so far I've tried ddok galbi and bibimbap, and soju with guava juice - outside the usual school lunches and instant noodles at home, of course. I love the spice. There are some very good snacks as well - strawberry is very popular, but I guess that's sort of universal.

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